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Scubapro Hybrid Cargo Shorts 口袋短褲

Scubapro 口袋短褲穿著舒適富有彈性,能夠符合多數的身形,適合從事各種水上、水下活動的您穿著。使用1mm X FORM 氯丁橡膠和耐用的尼龍製成。


  • 重量:0.66磅 | 0.3公斤
  • 口袋數:2
  • 適合浮潛、旅行、休閒、自由潛水、水肺潛水或其他水上水下運動
  • 採用優質1mm X FORM及耐用尼龍製成,具有彈力和舒適感
  • 提供基礎的保暖度及防護性
  • 完美合身,時尚動感的外觀
  • 舒適柔軟的內裡,穿著更加舒適

Comfortable and stretchy, the Scubapro Hybrid Cargo Shorts form-fits perfectly to your body when worn. These versatile water-sports shorts are made of a combination of 1mm X-Foam neoprene and durable nylon.

Designed to be worn either by themselves, the Hybrid Cargo Shorts, comes with a nylon drawstring and reinforced seat, plus two large cargo pockets for carrying money, sunglasses or other accessories when enjoying a day on the beach or dive boat. Just pair them up with another stylish rash guard, and you’ll get the perfect beach or boat ensemble.

Suitable for use in warm tropical waters.

  • Weight: 0.66 lb | 0.3 kg
  • Pocket Count: 2
  • Activity: Snorkelling, Travel, Recreational, Freediving
  • Built with a mix of quality 1mm X-Foam neoprene for warmth and durable nylon for stretch and comfort.
  • Highly versatile – ideal for divers, snorkelers, paddle boarders, swimmers and other water enthusiasts too.
  • Unique styling keeps you warm, protected and looking good.
  • Form-fitting for that sleek hydrodynamic look and feel.
  • Super-comfortable and fun to wear.
  • Cozy, soft lining enhances comfort even more.

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