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CRESSI Morea 防寒衣

Cressi Morea Fullsuit 連身防寒衣由3mm氯丁橡膠製成,可提供最佳保護和防寒保護,具有優異的耐用性。增強的柔韌性和人體工學的舒適服貼性以及橡膠製的氯丁橡膠護胸為承受高水下壓力提供了最佳耐用度。

纖細而時尚的剪裁設計使其成為Cressi Wetsuits中完美的防寒衣選擇

  • 人體工學設計確保提供舒適性和合身性
  • 3mm氯丁橡膠具有強度和耐用性
  • 氯丁橡膠包膠可控制胸前的蒸發冷卻
  • Ultraspan Nylon II氯丁橡膠特別加強了手臂和腿部區域
  • 接縫處的柔韌性能讓潛水員輕鬆舒適地穿脫
  • 接縫線緊密縫合和粘合以提高防水性,並提高耐用性和強度
  • 高度堅固且具有保護性的護膝/護腿墊,可減少磨損

Cressi Morea 防寒衣非常適合所有水上、水下活動,包括潛水,衝浪,浮潛


Cressi Morea Fullsuit is a one piece 3mm Jumpsuit crafted from neoprene that gives ultimate protection and insulation from warm water exposure and has maximum durability. Enhanced flexibility and anatomical fitting along with its rubberized neoprene chest gives optimum strength for sustaining high underwater pressure. Slender and sleek design makes it a perfect utility among Cressi Wetsuits that are specially designed for your underwater diving needs.

This fullsuit is available in men and women cutting.

It is the best underwater protective gear owing to its highly engineered design and other specifics that comprise the following:

  • Anatomical design makes sure it gives comfort and fit.
  • 3mm Neoprene layer offering strength and durability.
  • Controlled Evaporative Cooling in chest due to rubberized neoprene.
  • Arm and Leg area especially strengthened by Ultraspan Nylon II Neoprene.
  • Enhanced flexibility at joints that facilitates easy and comfortable wearing.
  • Back zipper makes it easier for self donning provided with pull tab leash.
  • Seam line is closely stitched and glued for water resistance and improving durability and strength.
  • Highly robust and protective Knee/shin pads to reduce wear.

Overall, this Cressi diving equipment is convenient for all underwater adventures, be it diving, surfing, snorkelling and etc.


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