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About Scuba Warehouse Taiwan

Scuba Warehouse Taiwan

With our home based in Singapore, we have a vision to bringing you the best range of diving equipment.

Having a brick and motar shop for scuba divers helps you to make a better informed decision. Even though we know that are many online stores nowadays, but nothing beats having a dive professional running you through all the dive gear. Afterall, these dive gears are your life support system underwater, and you want to have the best fitting diving gear whilst underwater, right? So why settle for something less? Because you deserve to have the best equipment!

Not only offering the best advise in-store, we also pride ourselves on offering you the best possible after sales support. Do reach out to us on any issues you face, dropping us a compliment, or recommending us to your friends and family!

Having outlets in Singapore, Malaysia, and beyond, we are sure that Scuba Warehouse Taiwan will offer you one of the best sales advice and support wherever you go.

Scuba Warehouse 是從新加坡開始創立,一路往亞洲區域發展至今來到台灣 。

為潛水員而設立的專業潛水裝備店,除了品牌款式眾多 貨源齊全 您所需要的幾乎都應有盡有 寬闊又舒適的店面空間,讓每位顧客都能輕鬆舒服的選購適合自己的裝備。雖然至今網路商店越來越多,對於實體店面難免有些影響,我們的信念與堅持就是購買潛水裝備都必須到現場試穿試戴才能買到適合自己的尺寸以及售後服務和保固的問題,所以 Scuba Warehouse 台灣在 2020 年誕生了。

在每一筆買賣的交易當中,我們除了給予專業知識,百分百的貼心一站式服務之外,也針對每位顧客的需求來介紹對的產品,該如何正確使用以及用完後如何清洗跟收藏,每個細節都會清楚解說讓您買得開心, 潛得安心。

除了在新加坡,馬來西亞之外,無論您身在何處,Scuba Warehouse 台灣都能為您提供最佳的銷售建議以及服務。