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Scubapro Zoom Evo 面鏡

Scubapro Zoom Evo Dive Mask 是一款全新的低容積雙鏡片面鏡,非常適合所有潛水員,特別適合需要更換有度數鏡片的潛水員。使用快速的鏡片更換設計,您只需要用不到一分鐘的時間,無需任何工具就能輕鬆的更換有度數的鏡片。

  • 使用優質鏡光學鏡片
  • 快速更換鏡片系統
  • Ultra Clear雙鏡片設計,容積小
  • 舒適服貼
  • 帶扣易於調節並舒適
  • 有黑色及彩色裙邊
  • 可輕鬆更換光學近視鏡片

The Scubapro Zoom EVO Dive Mask is a completely new low volume dual lens mask that is ideal for all divers, but is especially well-suited to divers who use optical lenses. The mask has a brand new lens change system that enables you to switch lenses yourself, without tools, in less than a minute. Featuring sub-frames in colours matching Seawing Nova fins, HYDROS PRO BCDs and the new UPF Collection of rash guards, steamers and leggings, the Zoom EVO offers a universal fit and includes an integrated buckle design that is compatible with the new Comfort Straps.

Scubapro Zoom Evo Dive Mask is great for divers who needs prescription lenses. Available in an array of colours to match your existing Scubapro gear, get one today!

  • SCUBAPRO’s first premium mask that offers a convenient lens change system for divers who use optical lenses.
  • Lens change system lets you change the lenses yourself, without tools, in less than a minute.
  • Ultra Clear lenses are standard, with a low volume design to make clearing easy.
  • Universal fit ensures a comfortable, watertight fit.
  • Integrated buckles make adjustments easy and are compatible with new Comfort Straps
  • Colourful sub-frames come with black or clear skirts
  • Optical lenses installation possible

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