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Gull Mew Cypher 蛙鞋

全新的Gull Mew Cypher 蛙鞋可以讓你潛水更輕鬆,對於時尚愛好者来說,Cypher 系列擁有各式亮彩的顏色,可以完美搭配您的面鏡、手套或其他裝備等。

明亮的彩色Cypher潛水蛙鞋不僅提供高性能,並易於在水中踢動,Gull Cypher 蛙鞋採用高效的鞋套設計,可以包裹整個腳,提供令人滿意的貼合度和舒適度,而且更為輕量化。


  • 活動的拉扣鞋帶設計,穿着更加舒適
  • 輕巧、短而有力的蹼面設計,擁有極佳的推動力
  • 亦適合使用於浮潛
  • 柔軟的鞋套處設計,即便穿著不織布毛氈底(菜瓜布底)也能感覺舒適

Take a dive and swirl in the blue, faster with the brand new Gull Mew Cypher Fins. Good news for the fashion enthusiasts, these amazing diving fins for sale are now available in new vibrant colors that can perfectly match your masks, gloves, snorkels etc.

The compactly devised, bright and sporty coloured diving fins are designed to provide high performance and ease in moving around in the water. The Gull Cypher Fins have an efficient boot pocket design that wraps the entire foot, offering incredible fit and comfort. The new block pattern in these Gull Cypher Fins enables better and superior grip, making them lighter than ever.

Perfect for Scuba diving, Snorkelling, Underwater hockey, Competitive swimming, Water rehabilitation and therapy etc. With these exhilarating diving fins for sale, you can just let your toes breathe, stir and move about in the marine for a wonderful underwater experience!

With a blade length shorter than ordinary fins, these are designed for ease of use and lighter weight. Under water, the compact design offers agility and less chance of damaging coral or other marine life. These are also easy to get on and off and tote, even when donning gear on land or on a cramped boat, achieving comfortable entry and exit. These also shorten the time for which the rubber material flexes to help accomplish nimble and efficient fin work. Moreover, to achieve maximum performance in these middle-range fins of the sense of pliant grip obtained when using rubber fins, the height of the keel at the rear has been slightly lowered, for a design that yields greater comfort.

  • Flexible heel strap for a better fit and enhanced comfort
  • Light weight and mid-range blade design for Robust Propulsion
  • Efficiently designed to maximize performance and safety
  • Brilliant and compact design for recreational snorkeling
  • Soft, Durable and perfect for people of all ages

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