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Scubapro Frameless 面鏡

Scubapro Frameless無框面鏡是最舒適的面鏡系列之一,面鏡選擇時最重要的考慮因素就是臉型的服貼性,而Scubapro Frameless不僅單面鏡、低容積的設計能提供優異的廣角視野,矽膠裙邊也能舒服的服貼在臉上,是廣受水肺潛水員及自由潛水員的選擇

  • 單面鏡鏡片、無框架
  • 具有獨特柔軟的矽膠裙邊,配戴舒適
  • 低容積設計
  • 獨特設計帶來無與倫比的舒適性和服貼性,並且提供堅固的品質
  • 簡單操作的扣環位於面鏡的主體外部,方便快速的調整面鏡鬆緊度
  • 尺寸和低容積的設計能使排水更加簡單輕鬆

Scubapro Frameless Mask is the most comfortable of the line. With the most important consideration in mask selection is fit. No two faces are alike, and the SCUBAPRO broad range takes individual differences into account.

The basic difference in masks lies in the number of lenses. Single-lens masks were the first developed and remain a popular choice worldwide because they
provide a broad, uninterrupted view.

With the advent of silicone skirts, twin-lens masks have become increasingly popular because they typically lower internal volume.

To increase peripheral vision and transfer more light, SCUBAPRO has incorporated side lenses into selected masks.

Single-lens mask featuring a unique assembly of lens and skirt without a frame.

Original unique design for unbeatable comfort and fit and classic robust quality.

Buckles positioned on exterior of mask body for convenience and comfort.

Reduced weight, size and volume makes clearing water easy.


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