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Scubapro Crystal Vu 面鏡

Scubapro Crystal Vu面鏡提供超大廣角視野,使用超透明玻璃、無縫的側窗設計和透明矽膠裙邊。讓您潛水時的水下世界看起來更加明亮清晰

Crystal Vu 使用獲得專利的大型單面鏡片,加上無縫的側窗可以在水下看到更廣闊的視野,無色高透光的玻璃能使視野更加清晰


技術特點 :

  • 獲得專利的單面鏡片設計和無縫的側窗設計,可以實現全景視野
  • 水晶般透明的雙密封矽膠裙邊,配戴舒適
  • 服貼臉型,容易排水
  • 有4種顏色可選擇:黑色裙邊配黑框/黑橘框或透明裙邊配以藍色,紅色,黃色或白色框

Scubapro Crystal Vu dive mask offers a panoramic field of view, with it’s crystal clear glass and seamless side windows delivering a bright look at the underwater world. Suitable for both Scuba Diving and snorkelling.

The CRYSTAL VU PLUS’s large, patented single lens design plus seamless side windows equals an expansive view under water, and the no-tint glass makes that view crystal clear.

Offering new styling with low internal volume, the almost-as-clear double-sealed silicone skirt offers a seal that is both comfortable against the skin and watertight while producing a very open, airy feel that’s especially nice when diving in darker waters.

Swivel buckles allow for the perfect fit and an exclusive paint process lets you dive with style.


  • Patented single lens design with side windows creates a panoramic field of vision.

  • Ultra-clear no-tint glass delivers optimal clarity under water.

  • Crystal clear double-sealing skirt is comfortable against the skin and keeps water out.

  • Low volume styling and convenient swivel buckles allow for a snug fit and ease of clearing.

  • EZ-grab nose pocket makes easy work of equalizing


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