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XDEEP Stealth 2.0 Classic 經典側掛BCD

STEALTH 2.0 完全可根據您當天想要進行的潛水做出最佳配置,您不再需要多個潛水裝備系統來進行不同的潛水模式,只需要選擇適當的配置 STEALTH 組件。早上使用 tec 和乾式防寒衣進行深度混合潛水後,您可以在很短的時間內準備好使用這套進行深度較淺的休閒潛水。

STEALTH 2.0 配重系統設計的靈活性可確保您控制相對於重心的配重位置。中央配重袋具有相當大的活動範圍,可以讓您保持平衡。在任何配置下都可以保持完美的姿勢和平衡。

STEALTH 2.0 可獨立調節肩帶和腰帶,因此可以更快、更輕鬆地調整合身性。調整肩部不會影響腰部D環的位置,胯帶是簡單的triglide調整,穿著更加舒適。


STEALTH 2.0是第一個具有中央排氣閥且用於浮力控制的系統。已經證明了在洞穴和技術潛水的優勢,而這優勢同樣適用於休閒潛水。該排氣閥可以易於用任何一隻手所觸及,並且容易排出多餘的氣體,而不必改變您在水中的位置。對浮量的絕對控制,意味著更安全和更放鬆的潛水。

浮力 : 16公斤

全套總重量 : 2.4 公斤

外層氣囊 : Cordura1100 dTEX  内層氣囊:尼龍 440 dTEX,帶有 0.2 mm TPU 塗層


Streamlined to your anatomy

One of sidemount divings’ many advantages is the streamlined shape you have in the water. Anything that protrudes or dangles is a potential entanglement hazard, and a serious safety issue.

The STEALTH 2.0 design achieves a streamlined system that stays in tune with your anatomy. Whatever position you are in and regardless of how much gas you have in the wing, the distance of the centre of the wing away from the body is minimal.

Diving in caves and wrecks can put your body in some strange and contorted positions, especially in narrow passageways and restrictions. Safety and performance demand you can reach the dump valve with either hand, and dump gas without having to change position.

The STEALTH 2.0 dump valve is located centrally to ensure it can be reached anywhere with either hand. In addition it is placed to offer maximum protection from accidental operation or from being caught or damaged in the environment.

Packing 16Kg of lift into a streamlined and tough double-shell wing required true innovation. Selecting materials that would stand up to the rigours of cave diving meant no compromises. Combining these demands into a sidemount system that was streamlined,

Perfectly position the wing

Because the wing has its own independent five-point mounting system, you can place the wing exactly where it needs to be.

During the dive as you mount and demount cylinders, drop stages or clip off scooters the wing can be adjusted to maintain trim. For a real squeeze of a restriction, you can even remove it to completely minimize your profile.

Cave divers always have a backup

Backup regulators, dive torches, computers, and even a backup plan – cave divers know how to take care of their safety. STEALTH 2.0 Classic RB version adds one more crucial element: a backup source of buoyancy.

In STEALTH 2.0 Classic RB we added fully independent bladder and a full-featured inflator to the regular BCD, so you can safely enjoy the exploration of the underwater cave world of Mexico in your wetsuit.

STEALTH 2.0 HARNESS A Superb Foundation

The expression ‘thinking outside the box’ is often over used, but to revolutionize the sidemount system harness, that’s exactly what we had to do. Analyzing the many systems already on the market was a start. We soon realized that something new and groundbreaking, something that would perform brilliantly in the Yucatán Caves as well as open water, was needed.

The STEALTH 2.0 includes some revolutionary features. Using harness webbing of differing thickness and stiffness meant a better more comfortable fit. Building true anatomical structures into the harness enhanced the diving experience. Movable D rings on the waist strap to allow for changes in tank buoyancy and control of tank position were first seen on the STEALTH 2.0 and have been widely copied since.


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