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Scubapro Hydros Pro Ninja Pocket 配件袋

Scubapro Ninja Pocket 可以為您的Hydros Pro BCD 增加額外的收納空間,是您最理想的配件選擇。
  • 增加 HYDROS PRO BCD 的收納空間
  • 需要時可以快速拆卸
  • 非常適合存放潛水手電筒、備用面鏡、手套或其他物品
  • 整組包括:口袋、安裝配件和兩個不銹鋼螺釘
When you’d like the option of additional storage for occasionally carrying accessories on your Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD, the Ninja accessory pocket is the perfect solution.
  • Attaches to multi-mount matrix points on your HYDROS PRO BCD
  • Deploys quickly when needed, rolls up out the way when not needed.
  • Ideal for storing instructor slates, dive lights, marker buoys, spare masks or compact cameras.
  • Includes the pocket, the accessory mount plate, and two stainless steel screws.

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