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  7. SAS Neo-R II M Octopus 備用二級頭

SAS Neo-R II M Octopus 備用二級頭

SAS Neo-R II M Octopus是一款設計輕巧簡約同時又具備高效能的調節器。SAS為了保護您的調節器能夠常保良好的使用條件特別設計防塵塞,能夠有效的阻絕會造成調節器內部損壞的細小顆粒或沙子等。

  • 調節器的前蓋設計非常彈性、好按壓,配有31英吋的軟管。
  • SAS調節器非常適合到處潛水、旅行及攜帶,同時也非常適合平時使用二級頭會容易嘴痠、下巴痠的潛水員使用。
  • 有多種顏色可以提供您與其他裝備做搭配。


Introducing the SAS Neo-R II M Octopus, a highly efficient, compact and lightweight octopus regulator.

It is always important to keep the octopus in good working condition in case of emergency. Hence, the SAS Octopus comes with a mouthpiece cap. Great in preventing unwanted sand or small element particles from entering, and damaging the internal regulator’s mechanism.

The octopus comes with a flexible front cover that is easy to press and locate, and a 31″ hose.

Ideal for travelling divers, and divers who experience jaw fatigue from other heavier octopus.

Comes in an assortment of colours for you to match with your other diving gears.


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