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OMS Safety II (1.8 meter Hybrid SMB,  15 meter Spool & Safety Pocket) 浮力袋組合包

OMS 1.8米浮力袋(SMB)有鮮明的顏色及最顯眼的尺寸,能夠讓遠處的船隻或在惡劣的天氣狀況下較容易的被發現。管身頂部側邊有可以放置潛伴燈或手電筒的透明袋,正反面都有反光條的設計,對於夜間使用可以大幅提升安全性。


  • 底部可以使用備用二級頭充氣,由於有半封閉式的設計,充氣後不會漏氣
  • BC管充氣閥可以使用BC管或在水面上使用口吹方式充氣


  • 1.8米浮力袋 x 1
  • 15米線圈 x 1
  • 雙頭勾 x 1
  • 快乾排水的拉鍊包 x 1 (可收納整組浮力袋或置放其他潛水物件)



尺寸:1.8米長 x 16公分寬


OMS Slim Hybrid SMB / Emergency Diver’s Alert Marker, Duck Valve with Open Bottom & No-Lock LP Connector with OPV

A special OMS SMB (Surface Marker Buoy) with an closed, open bottom allowing the diver to inflate it using the using the second stage of a regulator or to be orally inflated.  This SMB is a standard piece of gear for divers performing drift or decompression dives.  Before using this equipment, divers are recommended to seek instruction under the guidance of a qualified instructor.

This new OMS ‘hybrid’ SMB is designed with a self-sealing open bottom allowing a diver to inflate it using the second stage of a regulator, but also has a no-lock LP inflator to inflate it with any (drysuit etc.) hose which also permits oral inflation covering all methods of inflation.

The SMB HYBRID 6 meter from OMS is unique in the fact that it can be inflated in 3 ways; using an octopus at the opening on the bottom through a one way duck valve allowing air only in one direction, with the inflator valve by using your inflator / dry suit quick disconnect hose or by orally inflating with your mouth. Comes in orange, yellow or pink and is 1 or 1.8 meter long.


  • Available size in 6.0′ long / ~1.80 meter (~12 kg lift)
  • Available color : Pink, Orange
  • Duck Valve with Open Bottom & No-Lock LP Connector with OPV
  • NoLock” Inflator keeps BC hose from locking on
  • Dump/overpressure valve with manual pull cord
  • Nylon loop to aid in stowing when deflated
  • Stainless Steel “D” ring for attaching line
  • Closed bottom prevents accidental deflation
  • Easily inflated at depth
  • Extreme visibility

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