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Cressi Single Mini Gauge 殘壓錶

Cressi 殘壓錶經過專門的設計,可以避免連結調節器的一級頭高壓管所承受的過大壓力。外殼材質使用鍍鉻黃銅,非常堅固。


Cressi 殘壓錶安裝在由聚碳酸酯和防潮板製成的材質當中,這兩種材料可確保免受撞擊和刮傷,重量也非常輕,在保護殼的上部有一個掛環可以將殘壓錶勾在BCD上,這樣它就不會垂下來,避免被珊瑚礁勾住、破壞環境的可能性。

  • 錶殼材質:鍍鉻黃銅
  • 壓力:350 bar或5000 psi
  • 錶面:夜光效果
  • 洩壓閥:內置
  • 殘壓錶直徑:50 mm
  • 高度:14mm
  • 總高度:17mm


The Cressi mini pressure gauge is a small, light-weight gauge that has been specifically designed to avoid excessive strain on the HP hose that connects to the first stage of the regulator.

The instrument has a metal case in chromium plated brass and is therefore extremely strong.

The front glass is made so that it also acts as a pressure relief valve. In the event of a sudden increase in pressure inside the instrument, the glass rises slightly, allowing the excess pressure to escape.

The luminescent dial is calibrated up to 350 bar in the metric version and 5000 psi in the imperial one. The area below 50 bar is highlighted in red, the one between 50 and 200 is green and that from 200 to the end of the scale is light blue.

The instrument is housed in a small, modern shaped console, made from polycarbonate and desmopan, two materials that guarantee protection from shocks and scratches and which, at the same time, are very light.

In the upper part of the protective shell there is a loop for fastening the instrument to the jacket so that it does not hang down with the risk of catching and damaging the environment.

Technical characteristics

Case material: chromium plated brass
End scale: 350 bar or 5000 psi
Face: luminescent with coloured sections
Pressure release valve: incorporated
Instrument diameter: 50 mm
Height of case: 14 mm
Total instrument height: 17 mm
Hose diameter: 11 mm


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