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Cressi Commander Evolution BCD 浮力背心

Cressi Commander Evolution是一款結合背囊式及夾克背心式BCD的眾多優點為一身的BCD,是Cressi的頂級BCD款式。

Commander Evolution的氣囊使用超強彈力繩收縮,能夠在充氣或洩氣時快速反應並收納回超薄型的背囊狀態,有效的減少水下阻力。而雙肩採用吊帶系統設計,能夠將背囊及肩膀的肩帶分開,不僅能夠確保潛水員的穩定性,即便在背囊充氣的狀態下,胸部、腋窩甚至到腹部區塊都能完全擺脫壓迫感,讓潛水員有絕佳的舒適體驗。

新的LAS(安全鎖定快卸配重系統)設計更為輕薄,裝上時務必聽到咔一聲代表確實的裝妥,左右兩個配重袋可以放到8公斤,另外配有兩個固定在氣瓶帶上的TRIM Weight Pocket,保持在氣瓶左右讓潛水員可以有效的去調整配重的位置。

Commander Evolution非常輕巧且靈活,使用優質材料不僅輕巧而且非常耐用,受到廣大潛水員的喜愛。

  • 混合式BCD設計,結合背囊及夾克式的優點
  • 背囊使用420D尼龍材質,輕巧耐用
  • 快卸配重袋,如遇緊急情況能夠快速反應
  • 2個TRIM POCKET配重包在氣瓶左右兩側,讓潛水員有更多的配重調整方式
  • 3個洩氣閥
  • 多達10個鋁製D環,讓您有絕對足夠的D環掛上潛水配件
  • 帶有提把的超輕量背板,方便提取並提升穿著時的穩定度
  • 左右2個大型拉鍊口袋,讓您可以收納潛水手套、備用面鏡、浮力袋、線圈等潛水物件


The Cressi Commander Evolution BCD presents interesting news compared to its predecessor Commander.

A very successful model that combines the advantages of the back air cell with the versatility of traditional jackets because, in addition to the built-in ballasting system, it has two zipper pockets of considerable capacity.

It is an interesting proposal of 100% dorsal volume, with a robust construction but light at the same time (3,250 kg size M) and with little volume of transport.

The slinging system completely independent from the bag, now also in the shoulder area, guarantees the absolute stability of the vest on the diver and completely frees the chest, armpit and abdominal area from the oppression due to the expansion of the bag towards the dorsal area and around the bottle.

Shoulder straps with anti-scratch profile for use with light suits.

Abdominal area with low-profile lobes and large zipped pockets.

The dorsal air chamber offers the maximum lifting capacity of the entire Cressi range (19 kg size M) but with an external storage volume that is always contained, thanks to the elastic containment tensioners that have the additional mission of facilitating emptying manoeuvres.

The new LAS (Lock Aid System) 2.0 ballasting system is now more integrated into the profile of the sling and its thickness is thinner. This system, in the Cressi tradition, guarantees maximum ease of insertion and removal of the ballast in complete safety against accidental loss, as its anchors incorporate a spring effect (patented) in anticipation of accidental hooking. Its management is extremely ergonomic and intuitive even without looking.

Two weight-holder compartments anchored in the cylinder band, very useful for defining the finish of the diver.

It combines five different fabrics to achieve suitability depending on the needs of each area of the vest.

The Commander Evolution is very light and semi-flexible to perform its function without adding weight or volume to the set. Fully lined with a comfortable neutral floating padding made of closed-cell material that prevents the accumulation of water or air and, therefore, reduces the inherent buoyancy of the sling and facilitates quick drying.

New fixation flap of the hose assembly made of thermorubber with logo in relief.

New low-profile top drain valve with non-return valve that prevents accidental entry of water.

8 light-alloy rings with angular design.

Hose connector “Y”.


  • Development of rear-mounted air cell

  • Air cell material: 420 denier nylon

  • Integrated Cressi Flat-lock Aid weight System

  • 2 rear ballast pouches

  • 3 pressure relief valves

  • 4 aluminum D-rings 50 mm on the shoulder straps

  • Ultralight rigid backplate with carrying handle.

  • Next-generation anatomical inflator with hose retainer.

  • Multipurpose zip pockets

  • 50 mm quick-release buckle shoulder straps.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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