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Bonito Aluminium Pointer 探棒/叮叮棒


  • 有多種繽紛的顏色可以選擇
  • 附可套在手腕的手繩
  • 探棒頂端有公分標記,可以用於測量珊瑚或生物的大小、長度
  • 潛水員應正確使用探棒/叮叮棒,避免傷害或逗弄海洋生物


Point out those tiny sea critters to your friend, knock on the cylinder as a signalling device, hold your position without stirring up silt.

Made out of aluminium, this pointer is available in many different colours to match your Scuba outfit! It comes with a lanyard to be attached on your wrist,  so that you do not lose it underwater. It also comes with marking on the tip of the pointer, to measure the size and length of corals or critters.

Please use this pointer responsibly, and refrain from injuring or provoking the sea critters.


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