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Shearwater Teric Strap 錶帶

適用於Shearwater Teric潛水電腦錶的單色錶帶,有棕色、綠色、黃色、橙色、白色、海藍色、藍綠色、粉紅色或海軍藍色的選擇,為您增添獨具個人風格的搭配。



Single color interchangeable wrist bands for your Shearwater Teric dive computer. Choose Brown, OD Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Ocean Blue, Teal, Pink or Navy Blue to fit your personal style. Each kit includes two wrist strap pieces, each with strap pins, and an extender strap with a buckle. Material is shore 70A silicone that has a good balance between strength and elasticity.

Also the Nylon Camo Strap.

Changing the strap requires a using a pair of hex key screwdrivers to remove and replace the two pins holding the two piece strap to the body. It’s easy to switch, Shearwater includes in the Teric computer case a pair of the hex key screwdriver tools required to make the change.


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