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Shearwater Perdix 潛水電腦錶

Shearwater Perdix 特別為技術潛水員設計了一款功能完備,但外型更為簡約、流線同時兼具輕巧的潛水電腦錶。

Shearwater Perdix是一款高科技的全減壓潛水電腦錶。擁有最先進的技術及高分辨率的顯示螢幕,顏色更加豔麗,色彩飽和度更高,不論在各種能見度的水域當中都能輕鬆讀取潛水資訊及導航。


Shearwater Perdix 經過最高標準嚴格的測試,具有多種潛水模式、可更換之AA電池、數字指南針、藍芽配對功能、多種語言選擇。Shearwater Perdiex可以在休閒潛水和技術潛水的模式下為您提供Air、Nitrox和Trimix氣體操作的功能,是一款功能強大、專業、安全的潛水電腦錶。


Shearwater Perdix Dive Computer provides ample of premium features to the technical divers and is a hi-tech full decompression dive computer. Similar to Petrel dive computer it is one of the most advanced and exclusive underwater gadget that offers high resolution display, integrated bungee mount and many features that can empower you to accomplish your underwater research and navigational task in an apt manner.


Its two button interface allows easiness to navigate and thus, one can handle it in a hassle free manner. It operates on Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm that offers configurable Gradient Factors (GF) which provides full individual control to the diver of his dive computer decompression calculations.

Using Shearwater Petrel you get rigorous testing to the highest standards, multiple diving modes, user replaceable AA battery, digital compass, Bluetooth integration, multiple language support and so on. This Shearwater Perdix gives you the functionality of Air, Nitrox and Trimix gas operations in both open-circuit and closed-circuit modes and its dive planning and dive logging features help you in planned navigation with tracking features as well.



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