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Scubapro Hybrid Cargo 口袋長褲

  • 由1mm X FOAM及耐用尼龍製成,保暖舒適
  • 用途廣泛,適合潛水、自潛、游泳愛好者或其他水上水下運動
  • 雙口袋設計使收納更加方便
  • 流線型動力外觀設計
  • 超舒適和簡單穿脫
  • 可以單穿也可以穿在冬季衣服或防寒衣褲的外層
  • Hyster尼龍束帶,兩側各有一個大口袋


Comfortable and stretchy, the Scubapro Hybrid Cargo Pants form-fits perfectly to your body when worn. These versatile water-sports shorts are made of a combination of 1mm X-Foam neoprene and durable nylon.

Designed to be worn either by themselves, the Hybrid Cargo Pants, comes with a nylon drawstring and reinforced seat, plus two large cargo pockets for carrying money, sunglasses or other accessories when enjoying a day on the beach or dive boat. It can be worn alone or through the outer layer of winter clothes.

  • Made of 1mm X-Foam neoprene, warm and comfortable, durable nylon.
  • Highly versatile – suitable for divers, divers, paddlers, swimmers and other water sports enthusiasts.
  • Unique shape design Double pockets make diving more mobile.
  • Suitable for streamlined fluid dynamic appearance.
  • Ultra-comfortable and wearable.
  • Can be worn alone or through the outer layer of winter clothes.
  • Hyster design Nylon drawstrings and a pocket on each side.

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