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Scubapro D-Mask 面鏡



  • 光滑細緻的外框設計,提供黑色和藍色兩種可供替換
  • 真彩色紫外線防護鏡片可保護免受紫外線傷害,同時不會影響水下的顏色
  • 可更換有度數的鏡片
  • 旋轉式搭扣與新型的面鏡帶設計能夠提供配戴時的舒適感受
  • 附有耐用的面鏡盒,原裝包括:黑色、藍色框架、HUD潛水錶支架和全黑的Comfort Strap

Sharing the design scheme of the new D-Series D420 regulator, the new D-Mask is a sleek, premium mask well-suited for all types of diving. The mask features true color UV protective lenses that deliver the best balance of surface protection and underwater clarity. It also features an interchangeable lens system for optional optical lenses. Offering a comfortable fit and a wide field of view, the D-Maskis available in black with blue accents to match the D420 regulator’s color scheme.

  • Sleek design matches the new D420 regulator.
  • True color UV protective lenses offer protection from UV light on the surface without affecting colors under water.
  • Interchangeable lens system makes it easy to install optional optical lenses.
  • Available with a choice of skirts to suit a variety of face shapes.
  • Rotating buckles work with a new black-on-black Comfort Strap to optimize range of motion and achieve a comfortable, watertight fit.
  • Included in the durable molded fabric box: mask delivered with blue mask frames, all black colored frames, a HUD hands-free dive computer mount and an all-black Comfort Strap.

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