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OMS Comfort Harness III Signature System Performance Wing BCD 背囊式BCD

OMS 推出新型舒適肩帶系統第三代!OMS Comfort Harness III 的獨特之處在於只要一個尺寸就能適合所有人,只需調節肩墊即可涵蓋XS-XXL不同身型的尺寸範圍。


  • 背囊浮力:27磅
  • 顏色:黑色、灰色/黑色、熔岩橙/黑色、蜥蜴綠色/黑色、邁阿密藍色/黑色、海洋藍色/黑色、粉紅色/黑色、紅色/黑色、黃色/黑色
  • 材料:Cordura
  • BCD尺寸:一種尺寸適合所有身型,只需透過調整即可
  • 背板材質:鋁
  • 適用單瓶潛水
  • 重量:6.1公斤

Presentation of the new Comfort Harness System III! The direct successor to the Comfort Harness III. Both shoulder straps are equipped with the stainless steel buckles already introduced in the Public Safety Harness. On the right and left on the shoulder straps are 2 adjustable D-rings. There are also 2 D-rings on the right and left on the waist belt.

What is unique is that one size fits everyone. The entire range of sizes from XS – XXL including all intermediate sizes is covered by simply adjusting the shoulder pads.

Comfort Harness III is offered both as a hardware kit to mount it on any backplate or as a completely ready-to-dive version, either with stainless steel or aluminum backplate as standard or signature (with mounted vertical weight pockets and storage pack with integrated trim weight pockets).

Lift capacity: 27 lbs ~ 12,5 kg, 32 lbs ~ 14,5 kg, 45 lbs ~ 20 kg
Color: Black, Grey / black, Lava orange / black, Lizard green / black, Miami blue / black, Ocean blue / black, Pink / black, Red / black, Speed yellow / black
Material: Cordura
Harness/BCD sizes: One size fits all
Backplate Material: Aluminum
Suitable for: Single tank system

Weight and Dimension

  • Weight in kg: 6.1

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