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Oceanic Shadow 面鏡

Oceanic Shadow 是無框單面鏡,有全黑或透明矽膠兩種不同的選擇

  • 100%液態矽膠裙直接連接到鋼化玻璃上,柔軟的裙邊服貼舒適,讓您舒服的享受潛水過程
  • 低容積設計
  • 沒有塑料面框架,收納簡單輕巧
  • 可以做為備用面鏡的選擇,因為它實際體型夠小,適合放入大部份BCD口袋中

顏色 – 黑色 / 透明

The Oceanic Shadow Diving Mask is a frameless, single-lens diving mask with a huge field of vision that can fold almost flat and comes with an adjustable neoprene strap already fitted. Oceanic Shadow mask is great for divers looking for a low volume diving mask.

  • No-frame design reduces weight and provides one of the largest fields-of-view

  • Extremely low volume design

  • Swiveling, easy adjusting buckles

  • Ideal for hunters and photographers

  • Perfect back-up mask as it folds and fits easily in your BC pocket


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