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Halcyon Infinity 背囊式BCD

Halcyon Infinity BCD 讓潛水員能夠進行所有的潛水體驗,不論是使用單瓶還是技術潛水的雙瓶(可選購雙瓶背囊),Halcyon BCD提供您高品質的性能及最佳的調整性。

Infinity BCD的核心是Cinch快速調整系統,能夠讓潛水員快速調節,為您帶來前所未有的適應性,並且易於穿脫。Infinity 還採用了Halcyon的新型Deluxe Harness Pads肩墊設計,為您帶來絕佳的舒適感。

Halcyon Infinity使用Eclipse背囊,輪廓較長而狹窄有助於整體的支撐並避免多餘的阻力,受到全球潛水員及技術潛水員的肯定。


Gear up with the Halcyon Infinity BCD, and be prepared for a diving experience unlike any other. Establishing a new standard in single-tank diving, the Infinity BC offers unparalleled performance of a back mounted harness, and easy adjustability of a jacket BC. It is also possible to operate with a double tank setup.

The heart of the Infinity BC is its Cinch Quick-adjust harness. Not only does it offers quick adjustment, it also provides divers with unprecedented fit, and easy equipment removal. The Infinity also features Halcyon’s new Deluxe Harness Pads, which brings a new definition to comfort in diving.

As for the design, the Infinity taps back on Halcyon’s immensely popular eclipse wing. The long, narrow profile helps to support the tank along your entire height, preventing unnecessary drag and minimises in-water effort. A great feature that is greatly appreciated by many technical divers.


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