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Gull Cocoloa Coco 面鏡

Gull Cocoloa Coco 面鏡對水肺潛水和自由潛水的女性非常有吸引力,這款限量版面鏡的顏色層次喚起了夏威夷的陽光和天空。

  • 寬廣的視野
  • 低容積設計
  • 柔軟的裙邊,配戴舒適
  • 易調整的面鏡扣帶
  • 隨盒附贈cocoloa特製面鏡帶

Gull Cocoloa Coco dive mask is a big appeal to women who go scuba diving and skin diving. The color gradation of this limited-edition mask evokes the sun and sky of Hawaii, making the limited edition colours a good addition to your ever-growing mask collection.

  • Wider field of view
  • Low volume
  • Soft skirt with curled lip and integrated strap clip
  • Minimizes water pooling
  • Easy to adjust buckles
  • Comes with Cocoloa custom band cover

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