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  7. Bare Neo 2mm Long Pants 防寒長褲

Bare Neo 2mm Long Pants 防寒長褲

Bare Neo 2mm 防寒長褲是專為潛水員及水下運動愛好者而設計,由最優質的材料製成,可提供穿著時的舒適性、活動時的靈活性及其性能。

Bare fit 剪裁非常適合潛水員進行水下活動時的肢體活動,舒適靈巧。使用雙面黏合及Mauser的縫合技術能夠強化防寒長褲的耐用性。

Bare Neo 2mm Long Pants, designed for sport enthusiasts who share the passion for being in and on the water. Made from the highest quality materials to deliver superior comfort and optimum performance. Featuring the Bare fit system, it comes down to all the small details to make the fit right to enjoy your dives underwater.

  • Double glued and Mauser stitched
  • 2mm N2S Neoprene

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