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Audaxpro Stark Evo 16公升背囊式BCD

Audaxpro Stark Evo 絕對是喜愛背囊式BCD的首選,除了鮮豔的顏色之外,無背板、快拆式配重帶的設計,讓您出國旅行潛水不會造成過多的重量,絕對讓您在水上、水下都輕鬆駕馭。

Stark Evo 配有功能強大的充氣背囊,使用耐磨耐用的特殊織布材料,而Stark Evo Midnight這款的左右兩側還配有夜間反光設計,時尚潮流同時兼具夜潛的安全性。

Stark Evo BCD有多種不同顏色的選擇


STARK EVO is a gav designed for those divers who want to approach the DIR style but do not want to give up comfort.

STARK EVO, in fact, is an evolution of the STARK (jacket strictly DIR) from which it differs for the most comfortable and accessorized harness but always fully adjustable and adherent to the body to ensure stability and assume a perfect posture.

This gav is light and not bulky, especially when it is deflated, because it remains tight to the tank allowing more agility in maneuvers. STARK EVO is a recreational gav with which you can face even more demanding dives.


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