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  7. Aqua Lung Legend Octopus 備用二級頭

Aqua Lung Legend Octopus 備用二級頭

為了讓傳奇調節器家族更為完整,於是Aqua Lung又推出了Legend備用二級頭。


  • 顯眼的黃色前蓋與配件。
  • 配備39吋黃色Aqua Flex彈性中壓管。
  • 氣流平衡式設計,完全配合傳奇調節器一級頭超平衡的輸出功率。
  • 真空吸力撥桿可避免備用二級頭於不用時的惱人出氣現象(Free flow)。
  • 配備包覆進氣閥門的熱交換器,提供極佳的冷水域使用效率。


To compliment the Legend regulator family, the Aqualung Legend Octopus was created. It comes with a high visibility yellow front cover and a 39” yellow hose. Being UV protected, the hose is more durable and lasts much longer than regular hoses.

Pneumatically-balanced, it pairs up perfectly with Aqua lung’s over-balanced first stage. In addition to that, it comes with a venturi lever that allows you to prevent any unwanted free flow when the Octopus is not in use.

The Legend Octopus is also suitable for cold water diving.


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