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  7. Akuana 52mm SPG With Mineral Glass 殘壓錶

Akuana 52mm SPG With Mineral Glass 殘壓錶

  • 顏色:黑色
  • 雙鍍鉻鏡面
  • 黃銅外殼、強化玻璃鏡面
  • 發光功能的白針與黑色面盤,顯色更佳
  • 共300bar刻度,每一刻度10bar
  • 義大利製造


AKUANA regulators are designed to deliver effortless airflow in different environments and are undergoing rigorous tests to ensure the superb reliability which earns the trust of recreational ,technical and military divers.

  • Color: black
  • Double Chrome Mirror Plated
  • Bourdon tube, Brass housing with tempered glass
  • Luminous white needle and black background
  • Graduation 300 BAR, full scale, Increments 10 BAR, all over the scale
  • CE marked and approved
  • Made in italy

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